Stephanie C.

August 2018

"My experience with Team Patients was great! It came at a time when I very much needed the money and a little get-away. Travel, housing, and transportation to and from the exam was entirely paid for and handled by the student; making it pretty stress free for me.

The coordinators were very friendly and considerate, and answered any questions I had. The student I was paired with made sure to explain how the exam worked and was concerned about my safety and comfort. She did an excellent job on my teeth and passed her exam!"

Cybil G.

June 2018

"Trust me, the Team Patients group is worth every penny! Jafer went above and beyond to help me with my patient, and the group itself did an amazing job with their screening. The patient was very kind as well as prompt and on time and very trustworthy. The patient was also an ideal boards patient for the ADEX perio portion.

Not only would I utilize them again, although luckily I passed easily with their patient, I have recommended their services to classmates!"


May 2018

"With nowhere to search for patients for my CDCA since I was already out of school, I searched online for various patient procurement centers and found Team Patients. Dr. Jaffari contacted me and provided me with x-rays and intraoral pictures of multiple ideal lesions to select from for my board exam. Dr. Jaffari not only provided board lesions for me, he showed concern by sending me a text to wish me success the night before the exam.

Lastly, the patients were very cooperative and made the exam a lot easier. I highly recommend any student who needs an ideal lesion and patient for the clinical portion of the board exam to Team Patients."

"I highly recommend Team Patients services for anyone who has to take their boards. I took my regional board exam this past weekend out of state and Team Patients provided a patient with ideal lesions. I truly have to say it was such a great experience. The patient was amazing and they were so helpful, reliable, and easy to get in touch with. I highly, highly recommend their services."

Melody B.

April 2017

"The experience was great because I never thought I would get such good treatment. They were so compassionate, kind, and patient - they took great care of me. I loved the entire experience. It was really worth it. I'm happy I was able to help the student too!"

Johnnie C.

March 2017

"Team Patients was an easy way to get free dental care under the supervision of a licensed dentist. It's a win-win. I was glad to participate as a patient at a top-notch dental program: University of Michigan. The Team Patients coordinator, Basil, walked me through every step so I knew what to expect. The student-dentist I worked with was courteous and knowledgeable. I recommend Team Patients and will surely go back again since I need additional work."

Abdul S.

March 2017

"The entire experience was great! Team Patients took great care of me and I've recommended you to my family and friends that need dental work. Thank you!"

Lorisha C.

March 2017

"Finding a dental hygiene patient was very daunting and exhausting for me. I didn't know where to begin. I heard about Team Patients company from my brother's friend, he strongly recommended their service. The whole process went smoothly with almost no effort or time for me. They provided me the patient with the required criteria. I also would like to add the patient was easy-going and cooperative. I am very satisfied with my experience with Team Patients, I highly recommend their service."


August 2018