How to sign up

Schedule a free dental screening with us and see if you are eligible to free dental treatment, compensation and more. By assisting dentists and dental hygienists for their dental board exams, we are able to provide this much better dental treatment alternative with no cost unlike traditional methods.


In addition to receiving free x-rays, assessment, and treatment plan, you may have the opportunity of getting:

  • Free dental treatment and cleaning

  • Free travel and lodging to treatment site

  • $200/session of compensation



We look for the following when determining your eligibility to receive the additional benefits:

  • At least be 18 years or older

  • Good health

  • Specific cavities and/or need a deep-cleaning


Our Expectation

Once deemed qualified and joined our patient pool, you are expected to:

  • Confirm availability for when treatment opportunities arise

  • Travel to exam site to receive the free treatment

  • Wait to receive compensation after treatment