Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I sign up without an exam date?

Yes! This is highly recommended! The earlier, the better – we’ll have a larger patient pool to choose from. Additionally, this may reduce the cost of patient transportation and lodging, if applicable.

What is Team Patients’ success rate?

100% of our students have passed their dental and hygiene boards! 

What if I’m already a practicing dentist/hygienist or retaking the exam?

Great! Our patient-finding services are perfect for any examinee!

What is the screening process?

Our team of clinicians are led by Dr. Jaffari, a practicing General Dentist with over 8 years of experience. Our clinicians are well-educated on the board examination criteria. Screenings are conducted in our participating dental practices in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. A qualifying patient is then informed of the examination process and consented.

What is included in my package?

  • Medical History

  • FMX

  • Intraoral Photos

  • Bitewings and PAs

  • Perio Chart

When do I receive patient information?

We begin sharing patient information once we receive a signed agreement!