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Our network of health professionals was created to identify ideal patients for Dental Board Licensure examinations. Our clinicians conduct multiple screenings to ensure all examination criteria are met.



Our comprehensive, full-service packages provide peace of mind knowing the ideal patient is waiting at the examination site.


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Need a patient for your exam? You can fill out a request and contact us for more details.

The experience was great because I never thought I would get such good treatment. They were so compassionate, kind, and patient - they took great care of me. I loved the entire experience. It was really worth it. I’m happy I was able to help the student too!

— Johnnie C. (March 2017)
Team Patients really delivered! A well qualified patient who was very knowledgeable about the process and already understood the importance of being there!! The patient was great and the support I received along the way was great as well. They know how to support a stressed out Board candidate. Thanks!
— Susan F. (October 2018)